Regarding NSA

I have learned that NSA is handling espionage of the electrical methods/devices in the US. It is different from CIA. Very little information is revealed concerning what they are doing. The amended FISA enacted in 2008, which was proposed by the Bush government, is the foundation of their espionage, without permission by the court, for any communications by foreign people and possibly by the US citizen as well. It seems the size of the organization and its budget  are expanding at present.

I am still very afraid such an organization could suppress our human right or could be involved in the control of idea among the people. Because it is in a black box to the people and is endorsed such a power over them. Information is the origin of power in the modern era.

I admit it is necessary for us to do with the espionage battle in the international politics. Whether or not we like it, there have actually been such battles all over the world. But is it possible for us to grasp what they are doing and to administer it? How could we resisit them when they infringe our human right? Especially, when such an organization is closely linked with the political power, it seems unlikely we could contol them at present.

In Japan, the present government aims at establishing NSA like agency in the government shortly. The constitution plan of LDPJ says our human right should be infringed or suppressed when it is necessary to maintain the public order. I don't believe such a government could administer NSA like agenscy in Japan for the peace and the welfare for the people.

In the US, I wonder if NSA hasn't become self interested for themselves or for the government. How do they agree or compromise with the human right of the people, even if admitting there are some occasions espionage becomes necessary for the peace in ths society? Doesn't the existence of such a intelligence agency with enormous ability and power do well with the democracy and freedom the US seeks for?

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