Irradiation of the decommission workers

Tokyo Electric Power Company(TEPCO) has recently published the estimated irradiation data to thyroid gland of the workers at the Fukushima 1st Nuclear Power Plant.

The number of the workers are 19592. Approximately 80% of them belong to small companies which contract with TEPCO for the decomission process. Among them, 1973 workers were estimated to have been irradiated more than 100mSv to thyroid gland by I131. Irradation of 100mSv and more is thought to "definately" increase the risk of cancer. Lower doses could also be carcinogenic.

TEPCO has reported to WHO the data of irradiation of 522 workers, whom they actually measured the doses. It was last Dec. for the first time. Those irradiated 100mSv or more were 178. The maximum dose measured was 11800mSv.

We could guess a large number of workers are under high risk for cancer with the irradiation. They should follow up those in high risk. The other carcinogenic radioactive substances should be followed up as well.

The most serious issue was that they had not published the data as soon as the accident occured. This delay in publishing makes us suspect they still have something wrong hidden. In this accident, they have kept facts or data hidden when the facts or data were not beneficial to them. Concealment of facts or data has been revealed to be their nature.

Irradiation of the workers and the people around the plant will go on. The underground water is reported to have been contaminated. The contamination of the environment is not controlled yet. Regular monitoring of the contamination should be continued. Especially, for the workers from small companies emplyoed for decommision. It may take decades from now.

The LDPJ, which is thought to win in the election this week end, published the manifesto to restart the other nuclear power plants as soon as possible. It is not rational to do that since they have not fully elucidated the cause and the entire result of the accident yet. The accident is still going on. Another serious accident in our country should collapse it for sure. Any other plants should not be restarted in our country. 


  1. Shin San,

    If these measurements were being done here in this country, it is doubtful that they would get published, but if they did, you can bet that they did not release all the information that they have found with their research. I agree with your thinking about them knowing more than they want everyone else to know. I hope more information comes out as more time passes.

    Bob Gates

    1. I doubt they have published all the info they got in our country. They publish them little by little. I could hardly believe they are doing such censorship by NSA in your country. There might be some information control as well even in your country. It is a crime if they hide some info important for our health etc.