A sentimental journey to Shinshu

Recently, I have visited Shinshu area. It was the place we often went for camping for the orchestra of med school. With this photo, won't you hear the tune of "En Bateau" in Petite Suite by Debussy, which we used to practise there those days. Standing on the shore of this lake, I could hear that tune in my mind again.

I used to swim across this lake together with some friends, even though it was forbidden at that time. the water temperature might drop drastically in certain part of the lake. A few rowed a boat while the other nuts swam after the boat in the lake. Thrill and fun for us.
This area was gaudily decorated around the years of the Nagano Olympic Games. But I found calm and quietness had returned there again like it used to 40 years ago. The area as a resort might suffer from that recession. I was, however, happy to see this fond place becoming so quiet.
After swimming in that lake, we used to walk this road back to the camp site. It took us an hour. Never tired. Everything was brilliant and shining for us those days. This was a real sentimental journey for me this time. Maybe, I haven't made any progress since those days. That idea made me smile bitterly.
This is the place we have had the camp with the orchestra fellows. We practised in the small hall behind the trees on the left. It still seemed to be used for music practice. Amazing after 40 years interval.
A hill in front of the hall. It used to be early fall when we were there for camping. The leaves always got tinted a little bit colorful those days. Through the windows of the hall, we could see this scenary. Whenever I listen to such as Nr1 Symphony by Beethoven etc we practised those days, this scenary or the touch of breeze coming down from the hill are brought back in my mind.


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