The rainy season is over

And burning hot summer has started.

This morning, I have sorted the vines of water melon and cut some unnecessary ones. Some have become like jungle since I haven't done with them for a while. There was one water melon already grown up to 3 or 4 inches in diameter. About 15 fruits are already grown to certain size. It is the time for me to "battle" with nasty crows. They would enjoy water melons in my absence when they are ripe enough. What nasty and provoking creatures they are!

This is the naturally grown pumpkin in weeds bed. 10 pumpkins were found.

The most ripe one. Already harvested yesterday.
Lilly is full blown now.
Basil in a line.
Hydrangea in the garden of our parent's home. Very quiet.
One of the new flower beds. Too luxuriant flowers? Many more will be added to them.
Along the entrance, a lawn yard with trees. Noone enjoys this scenary. It is for my own enjoyment. It is a bit too laborious for me to go on caring for it only for that purpose, though. It is still good to have trees around here. Good cosy breeze is coming through them.


  1. Shin, your gardening looks shows the passion you have for your undertakings. Like your love for CW, the garden expresses the care you take to do a wonderful job.

    I should loan you my cat Elvis. He would help you herd you crows into the corner and leave your watermelons alone.

    1. Don,

      Our garden has not been cared for years since my father passed away. It is just the beginning of our garden now.

      Send us Elvis! he will be welcomed here. Our old cat named Suzu is just sleeping all day long.


  2. The rainy season is over indeed .... I am listening to opus 131 as I type this. The American String Quartet on You Tube. The second time I have run through it. Yes of course Beethoven was the absolute classical master. What can you say? Counterpoint surpassed and expanded from two "voices" to four. All in perfect equilibrium. Masterful development and resolution...... With only one lifetime granted to us where do we have the time to appreciate all the great music which has been handed down?
    I still stand by my untutored and random statement that no great music was written after 1937. Ravel was the last great master of "serious" music. Who can we turn to after him? Messian? Cage? Glass? I don't think so...... the only great music which has emerged since then is popular (Beatles, Abba, yes and Elvis!). But I am an eccentric.... going back further in time to Hildegarde of Bingen now ! But alas before her, nothing is known !
    All the best

    1. John,

      I am pleased to know you have enjoyed that Fuga for the 1st movement in this work. You surely have diverse interests in music, including even Elvis Presley! haha. I bet your homeground is in Baroque, especially its key board music. Compared with fugas in Baroque, Beethoven has inspired something very emotional in this composition technique of counter point, I believe. I was afraid you noticed that and did not like it so much. But your capability in music might accepted it. I would write about counterpoint sometime. In a word, it is not only a composition technique but is an expression of how we feel or think etc. It seems like an "Aufhebung" in our mind. I should think about this issue more.

      Ravel is another genius in fact. I haven't listened his key board music or orchestra works so much. But I have been attracted by his piano trio as well as string quartet. Did he diw in 1937? Yes, since that era, the modern music seems to have been lost its aim. The modern music has been a resistence toward romanticism. And it reflects also the difficult age when they have murdered each other so often in the wars. It was the age of wars. The result is a strayed and complicated music away from our emotion, which music should stand on. I share your feeling against the modern music as well.

      Only 6 days left for you to leave for UK. Have a pleasant trip back homeland. See you soon.