Don't fight against sleep problem!

I have met Cap W0CCA in the SW corner of Colo on 40m at alittle bit later than sunset in our time yesterday. His old Tentec with SB220 amplifier into a vertical put out a great signal. The 60 radials buried in the snow must make the antenna work so efficiently. The background was so quiet. I have enjoyed almost an hour long QSO with him.

He told he had got up very early in the morning there and could not fall asleep again. I was impressed at his attitude toward this sleep problem. He repeatedly told me he won't fight against this insomnia. I totally agreed with him telling that, at our age, we are apt to get up early once a night. It is a physiological phenomenon.

It is a good judgement for hime to get up for some time and spend an hour or so with radio etc. Then he might get sleepy again. It is not advisible to struggle against this sleep disturbance by taking alcohol or by going to bed earlier etc. In case you need to get good sleep for limited length of time, you might take a sleep pill. Don't forget it is an aging process which could not spare us at certain age.

We have talked a lot on our lives, works and language studies etc. It has brought me to the old good days. I bet there were those in the US or the other countries who could not sleep well and turned on their radio in early evening in out time and very early in morning in the North America those days. But I scarecely hear those lately. How do they do with the sleep problem nowadays? Anything better than radio now?

I advised Cap to stretch his legs and arms laying on the bed. Then he might feel his limbs warmed and heavy. It is the time for him to go back to the land of dream again. I hoped my CW to have sounded like a lullaby to him.

He said "Yes, it is a lullaby. I feel sleepy again." and then went back to his bed.


  1. Thank you for the post Shin. You know you have passed an age hurdle when the afternoon nap is absolutely required. Even when out on the highway !! I often just turn off and nap 15 minutes !! I wish your coming trip to the US could include the Southwest and Four Corners. We have some fantastic land and scenery I could show you. Good luck in your Retirement.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Cap. Great to hear you using an old bug last night.

    Sure nice to know we are going on the same way together. An afternoon nap has become requisite to me also before being aware of that. Let's not fight against our sleep disturbance.

    I have been too busy to fix the schedule for the trip. I am afraid we should restrict the trip area to the West Coast this time. When I could go to Colo., I will recall of you. Thanks for the kind offer anyway.