How I am getting along recently

I have been too busy to renew the blog at present. A lot of paper works and discussions with the new doctor to have the office transfered to his clinic starting on Apr.1st. Packing the books and papers etc is another big task for me. I should make the space to store them in my home. Hundreds of CDs and the audio set must find a place to be settled down at home as well.

I have enjoyed giving a point to some US guys in ARRL contest on phone. I was asked if I had ever operated radio on phone. The condition on 15m has been terrific for NA last week end. I sure may miss that conditions for a few weeks, I am afraid. Nevertheless, I may spend some time on 40m CW when it opens to the US.

I should fix the trip plan to the US in July/Aug. The main purpose is to attend the North West FOC dinner in Seattle in the last week end of July. And our trip should end in Los Angeles, where we fly back to Japan in the next week end. Nothing is determined between the beginning and the ending of the trip yet. I would visit the Bay area and Sedona Az. And, if possible, Arcata Ca. in the meantime. The problem is that I might have problem driving on a rental car all the way by myself. And my wife might complain that she won't go there only seeing my old friends. Hopefully, I will get things determined by the beginning of Apr.

Sorry for leaving memorandum in this blog. I am still doing well while struggling with packing things, paper works and doing with the influenza patients.

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