An eye ball promised a quarter centuries ago

An old friend, Kemp, K7UQH, has given me a letter. It says that he has met, Glen, NN6T, our mutual friend recently who told him I would attend the NW FOC event in this summer. His letter has relieved me a lot. In our last contact, he used to tell me his IC750 had got some trouble from time to time and when it finally acted up, it would be the time he quit radio. He was still on the radio if not so active as before. I used to hear him often in our sunset, that is, past midnight in the West Coast. However, I haven't heard him any time at all for the past couple of years. He seemed not to have been active on the radio for some time.

I have commented on him here;


We used to chat in the big round table QSO in '60s hosted by old Ed, K6NB, as stated in my previous post. The most participants of the round table were experienced CW operators while Kemp and I were young new comers. I was in the teen age while Kemp was a few years older. Those old timers used to kid us, or at least, me while letting us stay in the round  table. It was a real fond memory for me.

In '80s, when I came back on the air at a resident house of a med school hospital, it won't take so long before we met again on 40m CW. His bug remained the same as those days. I used to talk with Kemp about that great round table over the Pacific Ocean. He was a R/O aboard on commercial ships those days. I learned he had met a japanese girl on 15m SSB and had married soon. In his last years of voyage as a R/O, we have promised seeing each other somewhere in Japan. I could not remember what an eye ball scedule was fixed, which did not come true by some reason.

He eagerly told in his letter that, since he lives near to Seattle, we should make the promise of an eye ball come true after that interval of almost a quarter centuries. I would answer yes and would meet him and his wife over there. I also hope to hear his old fashioned bug soon again.

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