The day of the tragedy

It is the day of tragedy in a year. I have written a long post here. But it was lost by accidental false keying in all of sudden! I don't have time and energy to revive it.

Just remember twenty thousand people have been killed in the disaster. Hundred thousands of people are still refugees. About eighty thousand people are still evacuated from the nuclear power plant area. Some of them may lose home land forever due to the long lasting characteristics of the radiation issue.

The nuclear power plant accident seems an artificial event. It is caused by the "safety" myth advocated by the parties which have gained much profit from this power generation. The myth itself prohibited the people involved in it from taking actions against the serious accidents. What an irony!

All I could do is to "mitleiden" for the people suffering from this disaster and accident. My 2nd son is still studying medicine in Fukushima. It is a peaceful and beautiful place I have loved so much. It is not an issue of the other people. But it is still mine. For the rest of my life, I would be with them and do for them by some means even if it is only a small thing.

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