A travellers' garden

We have had much snow for this area, where we scarecely have snowfall more than an inch or so throughout a year. Everything is covered by snow in the morning. It is still snowing around noon now. The snow is pretty wet so that it won't be left on the ground so long.

I took this picture of our home when going for work this morning. Some friends may realize there are less number of trees in the garden. Last fall, my wife has asked a gardener to cut some big trees in the garden without telling that to me beforehand. I was astonished to see the garden becoming empty. I have missed an old acorn tree. It was brought here from Tokyo by my parents decades ago. A beautifully branched big tree. In summer, it has made cool shade where breeze is coming through. I have complained of that to my wife. She was sorry about that and explained about her plan to arrange the garden.

I was still sorry to have missed those trees as if I had lost precious memories in my life. However, in a few days, I tried not to be involved in it any longer. There will be another garden grown by ourselves in a few years. Moreover, in 20 years or so, I won't be here any longer. That length of time is just a blink of the eyes. We are still travellers on the earth. It is worthless to be involved in and mind losing such memorable things on the earth.

I still feel happy to have the garden to make up by ourselves here.

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