Insanity on the air

A few days ago, I had watched 15m before having come to the office. The band was almost dead for anywhere. Very few were coming from Oceania and North America. Al, DU1/W7XA has been one of them actively calling CQ. A guy has been, however, nastily jamming him sending "BAKA" which stood for nuts or fool in japanese. He seemed to be a japanese south of my QTH judging from the search by beam direction. This guy was so persistently stalking to Al. I have given Al a call and told him sorry for this stalker from Japan. Al told me he had had skeds with his friends in W7 on that frequency. At that time, he was on a little bit lower spot without that jammer.

I must admit such insane guys have been often observed anywhere from time to time. These people may want to get someone upset and reacting him with rage. They might have a personality deviation from normal or even disorder, that may require some psychiatric intervention. Such problem in personality is, however, difficult to deal with. Of course, in the world of anonymity, we could hardly recognize him. Even if we knew him in person, we might do little for him. The best way to deal with such an insanity is just ignoring him. No response nor emotional words to him at all is the rule of thumb.

Recently, I have heard from a good friend of mine that he had such a stalker sticking to him. That stalker pretended my friend giving intentional QRM to the buddy of my friend. My friend knows how to do with such an insane guy. That was total ignorance to that jammer. I used to be a target of jamming for years by a guy presumably in the West Coast. It persisited intermittently for almost 2 decades since '80s. I could recognize him with his keying. In the beginning, I was upset and, together with old Sam W6TSQ, tried to kid that jammer. It was what that guy wanted us to do. It was my fault. Later, as soon as I heard him starting jamming on me, I switched off the gear and did never give him any response.  I even thanked to him for having me pay attention toward the other things than ham radio. Now this jammer has gone or might have lost his big set up. Anyway, there is peace on 40m again. I would do the same way whenever I may have the same kind of insane person on the air.

The prevalence of such insanity might be due to the view of "Ich und Es" by the famous Jewish philosopher, Martin Buber, prevailing among people in the world now. This issue will be considered further somewhere again. It is beyond this post. 

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