After a dream

Finally, the last week of my office is starting now. I am in the last stage for retirement. I have been clearing all the items which have been accumulated for the past 17 years. There were even drafts of medical papers which I wrote in my med school hospital days. Quite a few personal letters or photos also appeared from the mess. About 70% of the mess is now cleard up. An old short timer will hustle toward the end.

As I have repeatedly written, I still have ambivalent feeling toward retirement. I still could go on working as a pediatrician at own clinic. Now, when I decided to go for retirement, I fully understand what my work has meant to me. My life, my love and raison detre itself. Yesterday, I was given a beautiful bouquette by a patien's mother in the outpatient, who had thanked me for my effort for her daughter for years. I was almost crying. It was difficult for me to answer to her. I only told her it was me who thanked a lot. Not so many but quite some patients and their family members showed their sincere thanks to me. I appreciate their words. But it was me who had been made alive in communication with them. I feel that way.

Now it is the time for me to depart for a new life. I will run through this week. On Saturday, we will hold a small luncheon at a local Italian cuisine. I will play "Apres Un Reve" by Faure there. It was the song I played with my wife at our wedding party. What the song tells was not necessarily appropriate fot such an event. But this is the case it fits to the situation. It has been a sweet and enjoyable dream working at own practice with all the satff, rare people of talent and kindness, for the patients. With real appreciation to them, I would play this lovely piece before the staff and a few invitees.

What will come on me after this dream?


  1. Dear Shin,

    You have led a very active and useful life so far. A doctor's calling is a very noble one, like teaching. You should be very proud. But I don't think your contributions to society end with your retirement. I am sure you will continue to help and inspire people in your community.

    1. Dear Shin San,

      Over the past months we have discussed your upcoming retirement a great deal. I am so happy to know that you are finally going to be able to find some additional time for your many other interests, but still will be able to continue being a Doctor at the same time.

      I explained to my 9 year old grand son, that my ham radio friend in Japan was going to retire. He ask me if you were going to have a party. I explained to him that yes you were going to have a small celebration. He told me he could still remember the retirement party that was held for me when I retired. So he thought it would be nice for you to have one also. When I retired he was only 3 years old! But he still remembers all the people and many of them talked directly to him.

      Congratulations my friend, you have served the families in your area very well, and helped to keep the safe and healthy. You have one thing in your favor that I did not have, and that is a period of time when you will gradually be able to continue working as a Doctor but without the responsibility of the administrative tasks you had to accomplish in your own clinic.

      Enjoy these last days, and look forward to travelling with your wife to visit your friends in other countries.

      Bob Gates

    2. Bob,

      Thanks a lot for the warm words. I could picture of your conversation with your grandson. It makes my mind warmed a lot. It was good that you had such a great retirement party there.

      I found a memo that tells I was planning retirement 2 years ago. So the day of retirement is now coming. I would enjoy the freedom. The parttime job may let me take off this drastic change in my life successfully.

      The higher bands are getting activated again. I will keep my ears open to you very soon. Best regards to your lovely grandson.

  2. John,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Yes, I would like to be involved in the society by some means.

    It is like a dream if I could go up to the mountain area and dip myself in a hot spa there when I want to. I will enjoy that as well.

    See you often from April on.


  3. Shin...After making contact with you on 15M CW I brought up your call in QRZ and was also led to your blog...congratulations on retirement...near as I can tell you just entered that phase of your life. I enjoyed reading your writing and will check in now and then to see how things are going. Perhaps we will meet again on the ham bands...73 for now. Sam W8VVE, West Virginia, USA.