A flow of life

In my wedding party over 30 years ago, a friend of mine who was a psychiatrist gave us an unforgettable speech. He told that we belonged to a flow of life in the universe. We should never forget that in our lives. That was what he had told there, I believe. The words, a flow of life, were memorable to me even though I could hardly understand what it had meant at that time.

Now, as I am finishing my career as a pediatrician, his words often come up in my mind with a reality. The sick children are capable of getting better with a little of care or even without any medical intervention. They show the brilliance of life, never stopping to mend him- or herself and growing by her- or himself. Watching them improving and growing, I always feel so satisfied and happy. I fully understand how mothers could be so serious and passionate for their children. The children are part of themselves. We are together in a flow of life in this way. This might sound too religious or too philosophical. It is still a reality. Observing and doing with those children by yourself, you might share this feeling.

When I changed my profession from mechanical engineering to medicine, I would like to do with human being, either in education or in medical services. Eventually, I have chosen the latter. Though I would have done research works at med school a little bit longer before starting practice in the countryside, I am still feeling satisfied at my present work and this career was, I believe, prepared as my calling. It might sound like an exaggeration but it was still my fortune to have been involved in "a flow of life"throughout my life. After retirement, I would go on being involved in this field by some means.

May I be able to finish it uneventfully in 5 weeks.

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