Oblivion by Piazzolla played by Sol Gabetta.


Last night, I listened to her playing this piece. It has caused insomnia on me. It is never literally an oblivion but a stimulus.

Gabetta, a young virtuoso cellist, plays this piece with passion. Her blood as an Argentine, the same as the composer, may sympathize with the composer's ardor in melancholy.

The main two themes are both slow melodies but quite different in character. The 1st theme is dominated by a touch of deep melancholy in minor tonality while, in the 2nd one in major, resisitance to gloomy mood appears in forte. When the 1st theme comes back, a touch of sentimentalism shows up for a second, which soon turns to vigorous emotion again. The basic mood in her performance is intense passion, which may sound monotonous but is still hued in different way of expression. I am always amazed at her strong will for expression with her apparently delicate outlook.

I used to play this piece in piano trio a year ago, which I enjoyed so much. Last night, I remembered of that performance and felt so excited that I spent some tme playing with my cello again.

Maybe, this piece is not suitable for a night cap.

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