A pleasant QSO

This morning 15m was slightly veiled. The signals from the east coast were not loud but with much flutter. Alan, KF3B, has given me a call. His signal is usually S9 here. But it sounded modestly loud and very watery this morning. We used to have good chats for many times in the past few years. For the past year or two, however, we haven't met due to either coincidence or his inactivity. Maybe both were the reasons.

He told he had had a feedline problem. The VSWR read high on the 15m with his antenna. The weather has been too rough for him to fix it now. I hoped him to come back on the air so often as before very soon. Will it take a few more months before he fixes it?

He seemed to have read about the cellist, Wendy Warner, in my blog. He told me he had listened to her performing Popper's highly technical piece in a concert for the graduates from Curtis Music School in early '90s. He was impressed at her most outstanding performance among the other performers. This favors my impression on her playing the clarinet trio by Brahms as written in the past post.

I was so happy to talk of such subject over the air with him. I am pleased if my write up has reminded him of that concert 20 years ago. Alan, let's go on talking about music again.

The other point was that such a brilliant virtuoso in cello peroformance remains just a cellist who is not known all over the world yet. Living on as a musician must be quite difficult. Wendy must still be a cellist of success. There must be so many talented ones who have not known in the world despite of their excellent capability with cello. I also have a friend of violinist who has studied in Germany for years but could not get a proper position as a violinist yet. A hard and competetive world. Maybe they need ceratain luck to be recognized as performers in the world. Still a harsh and difficult profession.  I would back up them by some means.

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