Luddite in Marathon

It has been a matter of debate in FOC how we do with the reverse beacon network in such an event as Marathon contest. From the standpoint of equality in contest, there should be a division in category between RBN users and non users. But, according to the progress in internet, there could be further technique to get more points in contest. For example, someone may use the remote operation through the internet. This "progress" in technique is endless.

As for Marathon, it should remain as a real QSO party all over the world but not a competetive event. I join it to see old friends whom I could scarcely meet. There are many old friends gathering in the party like talking over glasses of beer in a comfortable living room. In reality, I have met a number of old friends like Tom N6RA or Leif OZ1LO whom I have never met for the past several years. Drew VK3XU has given me an up to date on Tim VK3IM, our mutual old friend during Marathon. I would participate Marathon for such QSOs.

Marathon could never be equal to all members. For example, we, the members in the East Asia, are handicapped due to paucity of members in this area. The path to both member rich areas like G land or the East Coasts should be over the north pole and is susceptible to the solar storm and so forthe. It could never be a competetive contest with equal chance to every participant.

So far, I like Marathon as a QSO party for myself. I would stay being on the side of Luddite.

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