Heart warming whatever small fact it may be

After the earthquake and tsunmi hitting the Eastern Japan, my brother living in Sendai city near to the most devastated area told me the following fact in a grimace. There had been many robberies in the disastered areas even though the mass media had not reported the facts. The foreign mass media admired the suffering poeple for their good manner despite of such a mess. I was inclined to believe it had not been the case.

A recent news told, however, that the police in Fukushima Prefecture announced there had been about one billion and two hundred million JPY, that is about 15 million USD, found and brought to the police. 85% of them were brought after the disaster. It is several times more than the usual year, which meant most of them were lost in the disaster. 86% were already put back to the owner, as they report.

This small fact has made me feel happy for the most finders, even in their very tough economical situation, behaved as their conscience told them to. Our ethics as citizen is still alive even in such difficult situation. Of course, there must have been robberies or those pocketing the money they found in the disatered areas. But this fact encourages us that our ethos to help each other is still working among us.

My mind has been warmed for a while.  

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