Tom K6TS gone silent key

Tom K6TS has gone silent key on Jan 21 as Tommy W6IJ let me know. In the reply to my mail of condolence to his wife, Modene, she told me he fell quite ill with emphysema last Nov. I know he has got through cerebral infarction or myocardial infarction for the past several years. But this time, he could not go through the exacerbation of emphysema. Modene told me she won't have Tom experience the same agony since last fall again. It tells me what a real care giver to him she has been.

I have known Tom through QSOs in 1980s. We have had hundreds of QSOs. A cheerful and warm hearted person. We have exchanged some photos then. In my 2nd visit to the Bay area in mid 80s, I had a chance to see him at his home in Livermore. He was always smiling and was a person whom I had the quite same impression as I had on the air. I still remember coming into the living room equipped with the radio at his home and having a nice eye ball with him, his wife and his grandson. His keying was the same as his character. A little bit short tempered but always warm and cheerful.  It is surprising that keying reflects the sender's character in this way. I liked talking to him through our loving mode.

He used to work for Navy immediately after the WWII. He used to stay somewhere in Japan as a Navy crew those days. That may be why he has been interested in our country and the people so much. One time, he made a plan to visit our country on a Navy plane, which he could fly here as a Navy veteran with pretty reasonable cost. It did not come true unfortunately. But it has made us excited.

Sometime in mid 90s, I have recommended him for an FOC member. With the other members' sponsorship. including his ex CW teacher at Navy days, I believe, Bob W5GEL, he could enter the club. I am sure he has enjoyed it much. But a couple of years ago, he made up his mind to quit the club since he had a stroke and could hardly operate radio. He has written me a courteous letter letting me know of his quitting the club and expressing his appreciation for my sponsorship again. He told me he had been glad to be able to say thanks to Bob before he went silent key as well. I was sad to know of his decision. But I know it is difficult to retreat in life and was impressed at his decision very much.

Tom and  Modene have been very punctual sending me the season's greeting in the end of every year. Two or three years ago, they have sent me a couple of their photos with one of the greetings. One showed them in their honey moon days while the other was taken recently for the token of the 60the anniversary. Both of them were very impressive to me. The long interval between those photos meant they had been blessed with a happy marriage. Even though I know his last years were not very plain with such sad events as losing their 2nd daughter a few years ago. I am grateful to him for the long lasting friendship to me and my family.

I am missing this good friend of mine whom I knew through this hobby 

I really wish him eternal rest in peace.

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