Okinawa questions about the fairness of the US

I love America and American people. But there is one thing I could never agree or approve what your government and military are doing. Purporting to lessen the burden of the US military base in Futenma, on behalf of the US military, our ï¼­inistry of  Defence is constructing a new military base at Henoko, where they are destroying its beautiful beach at present. Majority of Okinawans are against that move.

In 0.6% of the land of our country, Okinawa has been crammed 74% of the US military base. In addition to the battle in WWII in the islands having resulted in death of 1 out of 4 Okinawan civilians due to its battle, they have suffered from crimes and accidents related with stationing of the US military there. The US base has been in extraterritoriality.

It is Okinawans' urgent demand to lessen the burden there. The governor of Okinawa has made an address to appeal about this issue. There is no improvement so far. Yes, it is our government's business. But there have been a party among politicians as well as bureaucrats who gains profit from the stationed US military.  They would construce the new base by force.

I know there are many kinds of discussions regardeing the US military presence in Okinawa. Pro and contra. But it is a matter of the human right and the right of self-determination of Okinawans. If the US government goes on constructing that new base in Henoko, it means Okinawans and some Japanese will lose faith in your sense of fairness.

The present situation in Okinawa makes us suspect the US people is fair to the minorities and those who have suffered from your military presence. The US should learn your presence won't be realized without the local people's approval for that.


  1. Shin, first of all, I have zero inside information (or any other) on this issue. As I understand it, the convergence of US military assets on Okinawa is due at least because it allows reducing the bases on the main islands. Also, on a macroscopic basis, the presence of American troops in JA and HL are part of treaty obligations. These are designed to be a "trip wire" to discourage the North Koreans vis-a- via South Koreans, and to allow JA to spend less on military forces and more on other things. As you know, the JA military has been very large at times. It is discouraging to hear about friction between the US forces and the civilian population. With the increase of tensions with BY and other countries in the S. Pacific, it us good to have friendly relations such as between the US and JA.

    1. Jim,

      Thanks for the comment. It is beyond my purpose on this article to discuss about the Japan US security treaty.

      Due to the burden Okinawa has been loaded since the WWII, they have decided not to depend on the US military base. At least, they won't have any more military base expanded there. In the last national election, the LDPJ, the ruling party has not won at "any" area in Okinawa. I won't describe what Okinawans have suffered from the history here. If American military won't be approved and supported by the people there, I think it won't function in long perspective. Remember the present governor used to be one of the head in LDPJ in Okinawa. However, he is strongly against the move of Futenma base to Henoko now.

      Of course, I know we owe much to the presence of the US military stationed in Japan since the end of WWII. But it is not right that only Japan has enjoyed the benefit from the Japan US security treaty for itself. We have financially supported the US troops for years. Last year, our government has spent 15 billion USD as the host nation support. The expense related to the US military bases is up to 40 billion USD. At least, financially, it is not right the treaty is unilateral favoring only Japan.

      The importance of the Okinawan bases in the international relationship is beyond this small article as I said. I should point out their role has been expanded to one of the hub military center of the US military especially after the revised guideline of the Japan US security treaty in this year. It is not just for the regional security but for the global presence of the US military.

      I hope you to be more concerned about the present situation of Okinawa. You may know what they have suffered since WWII. It is the time for us as well as for you to consider how to lessen the burden imposed to Okinawa.


  2. Hello Shin. Hope all is well with you and your family. I just heard of this situation accurately when listening to your qso on 40 meters this morning. I completely sympathize with your situation. Since I am not living there I can only say that if I were, I would probably feel the same way the people of Okinawa feel. Wouldn't it be good if we did not "need" military bases at all? For a good number of years I have not been comfortable with our (the U.S.) government's actions and I believe they are putting money before people, particularly in other parts of the world. I hope we can change that.

    CW yes, hope it lives on!

    Dave WA7AXT

    1. Dave,

      Thanks for the comment. In SNS, most people in the US seemed to be rather conservative or. I am allowed to say so, extremist on security problems. I am glad to hear of your opinion common to mine. The days of Pax Americana have been over. It has left much debt and so many victims to your country. I believe we should look for another way to keep the world more peaceful. It may be done through the reformation of United Nations.

      As for the position of Okinawa in politics, there could be much to be said. Some people insist the US military base is necessary to balance the power with China etc. The navy troops have been moved from the main land of Japan in '70s. And if the navy is deployed out of Okinawa, the troop is sent to Kyushyu at first. Then it will be sent to the place of conflict. There is no reason that the navy is stationed in Okinawa so far as I understand. As I told in my post, the military base won't work without the Okinawans' approval for that. It is the time for us and the people in the US to listen to what they want about the move of base and the construction of a new base in Henoko.

      I am sure your concern and approval for Okinawa will encourage them a lot.

      See you on the air also. The bands are getting very active now. Take care.