A trip to a hot spa

Another leisurely drive trip to a hot spa named Kitsuregawa, about 20km north of here. This hot spa used to be developed by semi public investors in 1980s. It was the days of so called bubble economy. The abundant fund mainly from the postal savings has been used for that those days. And in 2000s, these facilities went on declining after the rupture of the bubble. Some hot spa facilities had been run despite of that economical events. 

I used to enjoy dipping myself in those hot spas in '90s. I went there sometimes with friends and the other times with family members. It was located on a hill ridge. There was a park next to it, where our children played at before bathing in hot spa.

It was a fine and warm day. It has been over 10 years, no almost 20 years, since I last visited there. The town of Kitsuregawa is a quiet countryside without no hotels or amusement facilities. It has been one reason shy I was fascinated at this hot spa. With the guide of GPS, I reached the hot spa. It was closed. A panel said it had been damaged by the big earthquake in 2011, so that it has been closed since then. There used to be many cars parked there. But nothing at that time. the tower on the left was not familiar to me. It must be constructed for viewing the scenary from above some time not too long ago. The building on the right side was the hot spa facility.   

Another shot for the building. It seemed not to have cared for a long time. I remembered of another hot spa which I found to have closed and posted about it in this blog 2 or 3 years ago. There have been a number of hot spas developed in the same age. That earthquake has put end to most of them. What a waste!

There was a road running on the ridge. I took a walk there. Sunny and warm. You may see another ridge in the southern way. I had thought this area was acomposed of the stratum continued from Abukuma mountains. The latter moutains covers from the eastern half of Fukushima to, in the south direction, the middle of Ibaraki and north eastern part of Tochigi. Mohka we live now is located at the southern edge of the hills continued to that mountains.

I have confirmed what I guessed above from descriptions in the internet. This mountains were caused by upheaval of land, which has been eroded to be fairly flat on the tops. These low ridge of hills are the southern end of the mountains.

I felt, since the big earthquake in 2011, the quake is big when there is an earthquake in Fukusshima. I suspected there must be a continued stratum from there to our area, so that the quake is propagated directly here. In the big earthquake, our home was damaged a bit with roof tiles of the house for our parents were fallen on the ground. The operating desk was destroyed with all the equipment fallen to the floor. Ever since that, whenever we have had any earthquake in Fukusima, if not all, this area shaked according to it. That was shy I suspected of the geological relationship of this area with Fukushima.

Another hot spa next the former one was also closed due to the earthquake damage.

There was a hotel with hot spa adjascent to them. I was taking bath there. But since they haven't provided lockers, I gave up bathing there. Even though no one in the large bath at all.

On the way back home, there were peaceful farming scenes. No souvenir this time.


  1. Thanks for another ride in the countryside Shin. I enjoy these.

    1. I am glad you have enjoyed this post, Bob.