Forty is picking up

Forty meters is getting really quiet in our late afternoon through evening. I was called by Rol K3RA in MD before sunset. Still pretty weak but surely the short path was open to the East Coast. It won't be too long before I could hear old friends in that area.

A couple of guys, Bob W7BV and Guy N7YK, gave me call later. Bob woke up early while Guy stayed up joining CQP until 3 AM there. I have had Bob visiting our home years ago. He is a retired professor in physiology. In his last visit to Japan, he has spent several hours here in his busy schedule. Hopefully, he could be here again next year.

Guy told me he was practicing CW after a period of absence. He has had decent fist on CW. he seemed pleased to hear of my compliment to his CW.

Both QSOs with them were really enjoyable. These QSOs are what I have had in the past but scarcely experience these days. With hope such an old timer like them would turn on 40 meters at their sleepless night, I am still going on calling CQ there.  


  1. Dear Shin,

    Pleased to meet you on 20 CW. I hope we will rag chew again.

    You have a nice web site.

    73, Guy VA7GI

    1. Hi Guy,

      NIce to see you on 20m this morning. Knowing the band was open to NA from RBN and W1AW beacon, I have called CQ in vain for several times. Finally, you have given me a call. I enjoyed it very much even though it was not a long one. See you soon. I always look forward a conversational QSO any time.


  2. Hi Shin
    Thanks for calling me this morning/evening on 40 CW, the band was busy with the WAG Contest, but nice to put you call in my Club Station log book again.
    I do a lot of operating from my radio club, the Finningley ARS - G0GHK.
    We have never had a QSO with my personal call M0HOM.
    I am preparing things to get ready for the CQ WW SSB Contest next week, and I was testing the 4 Square array, which seems to be working ok.

    I will have to check your blog again soon, to see what DX you have been putting in to your log book.

    So, I am sure I will see you again soon, maybe next time a longer QSO.

    All the best to you, and the family from G, to JA.

    73, Martin M0HOM (op of G0GHK)

    1. Hi Martin,

      It was a pleasure for me to see you on 40m this morning as well. As you know, it is always very tough for JA to get G on 40m especially through the short path like this morning. Your signal from the 4 sq was not very loud but amazingly stable. Always fun to hear signal from UK.

      In a few weeks, the band could be open through the long path. It is another enchanting path. I will look for you at around 07Z there. It will alternate to the short path in an hour. I used to work with a number of G guys in '90s. But most of them are getting inactive. See you there as well.

      GL in WWSSB. I am the last to operate any contest, though. say hi to all the club members.