Hypocrisy of the developed countries in the developing countries in conflicts

A recent news said USAF had made bombing error in Afghanistan, which destroyed a hospital of Medecins sans frontieres. When I read about this news, I thought of many other civilians killed by battles or by erred bombing there or the other countries in civil war.

Searching the number of the civilian victims, I knew there had still been about 10.000 killed every year in Iraq and a few thousands in Afghanistan. Of course, these figures include those killed by the anti governmental extremists as well as the governmental or American military.  

I could not help feeling those military actions in conflict areas, wherever they might be, should result in death of innocent civilians. It may give rise to further recruits of extremists in those areas. I sometimes hear or read the military industrial complex is getting much profit from the conflicts. They are starting business for recovery from the military conflicts in those areas. I am sure they need disarmament and cessation of influx of funds and of arms into those areas. Air bombing, even if it is done at the right target, won't solve the problem but aggravate the situation. 

When reading messages uploaded in SNS from the US, I often find those of Muslim phobia and simple belief that massacre of Muslims could be the final solution to the problem. I wonder what is the background of such an idea in some people in the US. Don't they understand such an extremism could lead to totalitareanism like Nazism? I would ask them if they are not propagandized by the parties which benefit from extended conflicts.  


  1. Good day Shin-san,
    I agree that recent US foreign policy has not been very impressive. Although the targets are mainly Muslim, I believe the issue here is not religion as the current administration is fairly open in that direction. I am afraid the problem is just a fundamental misunderstanding of how the middle east works. One can not just project the mechanisms of the industrialized world onto this deeply disturbed region. On top of that, in case of Syria, we are seeing the uprise of another proxy conflict.
    And yes, this will inevitably give rise to extremism as it already does here in Germany as a result of the massive but poorly managed influx of refugees. Human memory is short and history tends to repeat itself.
    Kind regards, Jan

    1. Jan...wondering if you have any ham call?

      Thanks for the comment. I agree with you that we could not press our common sense of modern democracy or capitalism to the people in the MIddle East. So far as I have learned about the refugee issue, there seem multiple factors responsible for that move of so many people into Europe. One of them seems to be the global climate change causing drought in Syria or some other areas and poor crops there. It has made farmers move to big cities, which has caused more tension leading to the civil war there. In that context, the western world including our country is responsible for their situation, I am afraid. It might be very tough for us to accept refugees but should be done. Germany seems to play the leading role in that policy. It is a respectable behavior. Even though I fear the anti Muslim and refugee movement could be activated there in the near future.