Another driving trip along the Naka river

Several days ago, I have driven along a river named the Nakagawa, or the Naka river, running from west to east bound for the ocean 20 or 30km northeast of here in the hilly area. The traffic was very few. This road is the way we drove to the ocean from our home when the trunk road was jammed. A peaceful day in fall. 

We seldom have such a straight and less traffic road here. I often wonder how they will finance to maintain such an empty road. It will get less and less crowded from now since our society is losing the population. I am fond of driving on such an empty road but wonder if this is sustainable.

It was not typical for fall yet. Only few trees were changing their colors. This must be a place to enjoy cherry blossoms in spring for the people there. 

The river was running between hills. We used to bring our children for playing in the water in summer years ago. The width of the river should be a few hundred meters. In the riverside, trees seemed to stand in line. Three of them are seen in the front in this photo. Seemingly cherry trees. While they were surrounded by bushed, there must be a lane along the trees. That lane must not be used by any pedestrians any longer. There could have been farms in the riversides before.

Before it got dark, I headed back home. i found my driving skill was still getting rusty. For souvenir, I have bought apples at a farmer's shop along a street. Fresh and pretty good.


  1. Oh Shin! Thank you so much for another great ride along with you. There are so many beautiful places to see in the mountains of Japan! We see many nice places on the NKK Japan programs on TV here. Many beautiful waterfalls. Sad to see so many things are changing with time both in Japan and here.

    1. Thanks you for the kind comment, Bob. In next trip, I would imagine you were on the side seat with me, It has been over 3 years since you drove us to Santa Cruz and the red wood forest. I wondered how you were doing since I had not heard you either on the radio or on the internet. This comment convinced me you are doing OK. See you soon.