Fall sun sets quickly

To have sushi for lunch for a change, I went to the coast area. It took me an hour and a half to drive there. Even though hunger made me pull up at a sushi bar on the way there. 

It was a very familiar road from here to the coast. I used to drive there many times when our family was young. It was a way to get away from the routine at the dorm home where things were messed. Picking up a milk bottle and diapers, I was heading to the coast with my wife and our older son. Later, older son and wife were taken over to my mother and our daughter, who loved driving out very much.

Driving along the coast and playing somewhere like an aquarium, we headed back home on the same road before it got dark. My mother used to tell me the same saying that the sun sets quickly in the fall as if a water bucket falls fast into a well. When my mother was young, they took water with a bucket from well. That saying had been real to her. 

Years have passed since those days. It was, however, only a moment. Our lives will pass in a moment. I should appreciate every day as it is. No need to get irritated or to worry anything. Time will go away as it was when mother was alive. 



  1. Dear Mr. Onisawa (JA1NUT), I heard your strong and well pounded signal on 14.0356 this morning. I read your details on qrz.com and found that you are an elegant Ham which has the same career as my parents. I didn't make any effort to send my signal to you as I am still practicing CW and I am not very confident about my antenna. I hope to hear your signals again. 73 de VR2UNA (you will see my email on QRZ)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Chen;is it right? I am very glad to get such a comment from HK. I have been trying to converse with Chinese hams. But they are invariably finish QSO with only 599 QSL etc. I wonder why they won't enjoy knowing each other through this hobby. I may slow down CW if it is necessary for you. Give me a call next time. I am hanging out around 7026KHz and the higher portion of 14MHz CW band. Thanks again for your stopping by my blog.

    2. Mr. Onisawa thank you so much for your reply and sorry for my late reply as I thought your reply would be automatically forwarded to my email box by google. I think most of the Chinese hams only do rubber stamps qso by CW because most of them don't know much about English. About two weeks ago I heard on 14m SSB (forgot the exact frequency) a Japanese Ham being piled up by huge number of Chinese hams because because he can speak quite fluent Mandarin. I myself enjoy exchanging conversations on HF because I believe QSO's should not just be a formality. We also want to reach the land and person we communicate with on HF. Thank you so much for your offer of slowing down your CW speed. I look forward to make a scheduled qso with you as I also want to see if my antenna can reach your area. It is simply an inverse v wire dipole (Diamond 8010). My email address is vr2una@gmail.com. Yes my name is Chen. 日本語では陳国俊ともうします。よろしくお願いいたします。I am ok in both English and Japanese but more fluent in English.

    3. Chen,

      Please look for me on 7026KHz plus or minus around 08Z or 12Z, on 14030KHz plus or minus around 22Z. I am always around there if not everyday. See you there.


    4. QSL. I will monitor on 7026KHZ as my antenna is not resonant on this band but 14030khz yes. So 7026Khz is the round table QSO by Japan Brasspounders Association, right ?
      KC ( In English I go by KC)