I have had dozens of QSOs with Tony CA2LQA. Early in the evening, he always gives me a call on 40m. Owing to language barrier, we could hardly communicate each other. Through slow and staggering conversation with him, I knew he had come from Spain to Chile. It was difficult for him to get a licence there. Finally, he got this call sign a few years ago and has been active on the radio with an old equipment and a side swiper.

This evening, while working with him on 40m as usual, I surfed into a web site which he introduced as his own site in his QRZ. com page. What came into my eyes were his paintings. Warm touched paintings. It surely reflects his warm hearted vision and attitude toward the objects. I was really fascinated with his works. He answered yes to my inquiry if he he had been a painter. Just take a look to them.


Ham radio gives me such a treasury meeting with someone of talent in art or unique life etc. Even though such a chance is not so many at all, I still feel I won't quit ham radio. 

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