Epistemology of classical music

At night, before going to sleep, I always listen to some pieces of classical music. Mostly, chamber musics. They soothe my mind and let me travel to the land of dream. I say no thanks to any stimulative musics like symphony. Mozart's string quartets occupy a position in the repertoire for the music of "for sleepless nights". 

I find myself more attracted by the early works than the late ones by Mozart. It might be simply because of the heavenly beautiful tunes in the former ones. At certain age, we may become fond of simpler musics than complicated ones. 

Music is an art of the moment. The tune won't stay long but is with us only for the moment we listen to it. It is the characteristics of music different from the other arts. It requires us to have right perception, understanding and remembering. Classical music with such complicated structures could not be accepted by us without such processes in mind. It may be why classical music is intellectual. 

Getting old may let us understand what is genuinely essential to our lives. Simplicity in Mozart may be most important characteristics of his music from that standpoint. 

Or why I am more fascinated by his simple music in his young days may be because I am getting older and less capable for such epistemological process. When I reached this conclusion, I could not help smiling at myself. It was when I fell asleep in happiness.  

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