Another financial crunch going on.

Drastic drop in the stock market is going on all around the world. They say the Chinese risk is realized now. No wonder the bubble in China was destined to be ruptured some day. The communist government has tried to control the stock market all in vain. Since there is poor social security there, they should invest to the stock in order to get funds for retirement as I have heard. Of course, minority of the people, extraordinarily rich, may have done that investment as well. It is never a communism country any longer.

Excessive deregulation and quantitative easing seem to make the world economy quite unstable. Over ten times of money than necessary for the substantial economy in the world is instantly moving around the markets as the short investment fund. It is the reality of the money game, which could destroy our lives in the substantial economy.

If the on going change causes credit crunch in the financial system, it won't stop affecting our lives. Isn't it the time for us to stabilize the financial system? No more money game which enriches only very small percentage of people in the world. Giving up the belief in the illusion of endless economic growth, we should set proper regulation in the financial system  Isn't it what we have learned from the crisis in 2007?   

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