A daily routine

It's beren a while since I uploaded a write up here. I still have something to write down from time to time. But the daily routine has kept me away from renewing this blog.

How am I spending a day?

Getting up around 5 AM.
Bringing two pieces of toast bread, a cup of coffee and salad into the shack. Looking for a conversational QSO mainly on 15m. The recent good condition lets me talk a few friends. Sometimes disappointing. From 6 to 8 AM.
Getting out in the garden. A lot of projects. Having planted several vegetables like tomato, potato, water melon, radish and pumpkin etc. Strawberry is already ripe. From 9 to 11 AM.


Taking lunch, looking around the bands, reading and listening to music,
surfing the net:often doing it all the day around and taking a power nap. From 0 to 3 PM.
Shopping and/or preparing dinner. From 5 to 7 PM. A happy hour in the meantime alone.
Dinner with wife. Around 8 PM.
Getting on 40m or 20m and getting ready for beauty sleep. From 9 to 12 PM.
Reading and listening to particular music like The Art of Fugue before sleeping. Around 0 AM.

What a simple way of life!

You know why I am away from this blog. Even though I am still checking any comment etc every day.

I won't quit keeping it anyway. I would see you on the radio or on the line.

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