Brahms Symphony Nr2 D Major

I have run across with John 9V1VV on 40m a few days ago. He has come back home now. He seemed to be busy at the work of teaching even being off his main work off shore.

He has mentioned his visit here 6 years ago. It was May 6 years ago. I might have written about his visit somewhere else in this blog. It was a really nice eye ball here. Since it was the day of orchestra practice, I had to take him that event at a hall located in the midst of farms here. He remembered of that. We were practising the Nr2 Symphony by Brahms at that time. I was sorry I had him waste his precious time in Japan listening to us and walking around. Yes, it was a beautiful late spring day then. I hoped he had enjoyed the beautiful scenary around the practice hall at that time.

He kidded me saying don't try to convert him to Brahms. He is an firm admirer in Baroque music, I know. I told him I knew that but always recvall of the 2nd theme of the 1st movement in this symphony. It is a music of this season when a breeze, stirring the fresh leaves of trees, would touch our face gently.

So it was not my intention to make him a fan of Brahms. I just wanted to tell him, whenever recalling of his visit, that tune came into my mind.


  1. Hi Shin,

    yes that movement of the 2nd does remind me of spring time in Japan, and the flowers blooming around the hall where you were practising. I also recall the nice cello ladies who seemed to think I was some kind of visiting musician ! Was it really so long ago?

    I think Brahms would have been more of an iambic paddle man if he were a CW operator, whereas Bach and the earlier composers would have been bug ops :-)

    1. John,

      Visit here again sometime and I will take you around, not only such a bit boring orchestra practice. Yes, it was 6 years ago. I still remember a tall gentleman standing in front of the station near by. It was you.

      I didn't know you were welcomed as a musician by them haha. You should start some instrument.

      Brahms is an iambic key while Bach a bug. It means you love only Bach!