Spring fully blown here

In our garden, there have been many kinds of flowers grown and coming out. Some are inherited from my parents while the others, mainly roses, are planted by my wife. They seem to sing the joy of fully blown spring here.
German iris. An elegant color. There are, at least, two kinds of the same flower, yellow and white in our garden. This one is most elegant and attractive. This has been in front of the dining kitchen of the house our parents used to live. I am sure my father has planted them so that they could enjoy them sitting there. 
Camellia. It is a bit out of the season for now. Gorgeous flowers.

Azalea. I planted it last year. This species is told to be easily damaged by the cold weather in winter. This one has survived and has bloomed like this.
A well survivor through the hard winter.
Lawn beside the entrance road. It is a headcahe for me how to maintain it. It is a real labor for me to mow it at regular interval throughout the summer.  I have finally done it now when weeds have grown too much there. It looks well-groomed now. Who would do that for whom?

Anyway, it is always good for me to do with the plants and the garden by myself. It surely relaxes myself. So far as I could do it, I would go on working in the garden.

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