KG6AAY in '60s

A couple of days ago, I have run across with an old friend, Cliff, K6KII on 40m CW. He seemed to have been involved in projects at his work. Shortly, he is going to Hawaii and, in the fall, is going to Guam. he said he had been to Guam in '60s and had operated as K6KII/KG6 as well as KG6AAY. The latter call has lit up my memory in '60s.

KG6AAY, a navy club station in Guam, used to be very active those days. I am sure I have worked it sometime, even though I am not sure of who was on the key. Cliff has operated the station in 1966/7. It is quite probable I have met him at this station then. Why have I remembered of this station so vividly? Because it sounded not only punchy but also very beautiful. The call sounded like a real music to me. I asked Cliff if they were running S line those days. His answer was yes as I supposed. Its mellow and pure tone on CW was really typical for Collins. Cliff told me they had had TH6DXX at 100 ft as well.

I have googled about this club station after the QSO with Cliff. Various sources told me it had started since late '40s and were most active in '60s and '70s. Jack, W0UCE, activated this club station as well, a little bit later than Cliff did. With that set up as well as the proficient operators like Cliff or Jack, this station must have been a real regular big gun from this island in the Pacific ocean those days.

Cliff's story has brought me back to good old days again.


  1. I have worked Cliff many many times as K6KII. He came to Singapore on a business trip a few years ago....but I was unable to meet him due to family stuff. He always has a loud signal into 9V.

    1. I thought he would retire by the end of this year. But he said he would finish, at least, the project in Guam. So I bet he might go on working for some time.

      He has been active since I started radio in 1963. The same keying with a bit of more space between K and I than the others in his suffix.

      He looked young and active, though a bit shy, when I met him in Seattle last summer. in the last QSO, he also told me there would be another FOC gathering being planned in Seattle in the end of July 2015. How about going there? I should persuade my wife at first...

  2. July 2015 may be possible. It all depends if I am at sea or not. But it's a great idea. I could bring my wife Emelyn and we could combine it with holiday in US. Let's see how it goes.


    1. John,

      I haven't confirmed on this plan with Steve W7QC, probably the main planner of this event, yet. I will keep you informed about it. Tonight, I met Fred K1NVY on 40m and told him to pass your interest to Steve. You might see them when you are back home.