Piano Quintette c minor Op 115 by Faure

Last Sunday, accidentally, the 1st movement of this music has flowed from radio. Viola plays the beautiful theme on the arpeggio by piano. It sounds not only simple and beautiful but also tinted with bitterness. A flow of melodies form this music. No rigid structure like with German music. The texture the melodies form is tender to me.

I used to listen to this music in my school days. I repeatedly played a cassette tape of this music by Jean Hubeau as pianist and Via Nova Quartet. I was not bored with it at all. But the beauty in simplicity and bitterness has caught my mind.  The more frequently I listened to it, the more I was attracted by this music.

On the latter part of Faure's life, he has suffered from hearing difficulty. His biography by his son also tells that he believed his works would be forgotten in the future. In such a difficult situation, I am always amazed, how he has composed such a great chamber music! Listen the 4th movement with such vivid and brilliant melodies. It is a miracle.

When I was eager practising cello, I wanted to reach the world of such a music as this one by myself as a cellist. It was quite tough for me and was a pain for me in a sense. But, since I have given it up now, I could enjoy this music with comfort looking back my own life. I decided to spend more time listening this one and the others which used to occupy my mind in my young days.

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