Old pictures and a QSL

Some old pictures and QSLs were found in my messy shack.
This is the QSL of Merle W6ULS, later K6DC, for a QSO in 1964. I was a 15 years old new comer at this time. The small logo shows Penta Lab, where he was working for at this time. He was a real big gun those days. I often heard him working ZS or the west Eu through long path on 40m late at night in our time. I was just always amazed at his big signal and proficient operation those days. I haven't dreamed visiting him later in my life.

 In my 2nd trip, around 1992, to Santa Barbara visiting Merle, there were 3 old timers at Merle's shack. From left to right, Rad, W6THN, Merle, K6DC at this time and Eric, W6DU. Rad used to be the boss for Merle. An interesting and a bit shy person. He took me to his wonderful home on a top of a hill later. In this trip, I was intending to drive from the bay area to Santa Barbara by myself. But Eric has kindly taken me down there despite of his back pain. Kind and good old timers. Too sad all of them have already gone silent key for now.
Merle at his operating position. The gear was, probably, TS430. I was surprised to know he was using such a simple gear at that time. On his left hand, there was a big amplifier with a pair of 8877s. Through the window of his shack, we could see the Pacific ocean over his sloping big garden, where he used to set a fixed 4 or 5 element Yagi for long path to Eu in '60s. Merle was a quiet person. But still open minded and kind to any visitors including myself. Good old days.  

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