The garden

The garden and the farm keep me busy. I have planted radish and some flowers today. Plowing some parts of the garden is another task for me. Seeded tomatoes are growing in small pots. I should move them to the farm soon. Pulling the weeds is a never ending duty as well. Last night, Keith, VK4TT, told me on 40m CW, when I complained of the hard work to do with the weeds, that he had felt he spent a half of his life with pulling them in the garden. I have nodded deeply at his words before the rig.
For the past few weeks, we have had cold snap for a few times. Frost has damaged the potatoes which I planted in the beginning of this month. As the neighbor farmer kindly told me, they have got damage and have some leaves killed. Fortunately, the weather is getting milder for the past few days and those potatoes are getting lively again.
A persimmon tree is awake after a long sleep in the winter. The leaves are so fresh and beautiful. We may expect good persimmon fruits this fall. The farm over the fence belongs to the kind farmer. His corn is growing really great. 
German iris on a corner of the garden. They were planted by my father years ago. My wife tells me this color, deep dark red, is pretty rare one for German iris.
 Enkianthus in front of the house my parents used to live. It is a kind of quite common plant for hedge in Japan. This won't bloom at present. The flowers are tiny lovely ones with white hue when they come out.  The leaves look also very fresh and vivid.
In this way, I have become an amateur gardener. It is a pleasure for me to do with them here. Water melon and other vegetables are waiting to be planted soon. 

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  1. Shin, thank you for posting the nice pictures.