Only wish for our daughter

I must admit we were not very successful for educating our children so far. At least, the things haven't gone in the way we or they had wanted. We have had our daughter take violin lesson since her age of 7 or 8 years. I knew it had been too late for her to be a professional violinist. Since I could teach her with my knowledge of cello performance, however, I was very serious and even strict to her practising it in early days.
What fascination I have had for her when she started playing h minor Concerto by Saint Saens or a piece from Bach's unaccomapnied partita! It was very tough for me as well as my wife working as med doctors to have brought her for lesson at regular interval for years. But, at that time I listened to her playing those pieces, I was convinced firmly it had been rewarded.
Maybe, I have forgot letting her know what a joy it is to produce musics of classic with own instrument. She quit playing it when she started getting ready for the entrance exam to high school at age 14 or 15. The teacher, a respectable lady, has given her, as a souvenir to quit the class, a few CDs of violin and piano music, which seemed very good choice to me. The Poem by Chausson, Piano Concerto in d minor by Mozart and so forth. Maybe she knew our daughter had needed love for music.
She has scarcely touched her instrument since that time, unfortunately. I won't force her to do so any longer. I only hope she would recall playing violin and would start playing it for herself sometime in her life when she needs it. Only I could do is that I go on loving music and playing cello by myself.
At a small concert of the violin class. She was aged 11 years or so. The piece she played was Nr5 violin concerto by Mozart, I believe. She is now studying nursing at a university. She would be a good nurse as her grandmother used to be.


  1. Shin,

    Nice picture of Makiko, I did not know she played an instrument or I have forgotten. She has turned into a lovely lady and will make a great nurse.

    I remember how hard it was for Linda and me to make all the practices for soccer, softball and hockey for over 20 years. Now it is nice to remember those fond days.

    Nice to see you are staying busy in your retirement.

    I hope to catch you on the air one day soon.

    161, Steve N6TT

  2. She is now studying nursing at a university. She would be a good nurse as her grandmother used to be.

    Nursing is a wonderful profession. My mother was a nurse.

    Your daughter is "flying now on her own." Congratulations.

  3. Thanks, both Steve and Jim. Children grow the way we have not expected. I would tell myself that they would live their own lives. It is not mine. Just preparing a bit of supplies and advices for them is good enough. It is quite clear and true. My life as a father has been the process to have learned this truth by myself. May they fly by themselves very soon.