Starting with cello again

I have not touched my cello for a month or so. I did not feel willing to practise it any longer. One motivation had been a chance for chamber music with two friends. It has been cancelled with various reasons for the past several months. Another, more importantly, was that I felt it was quite tough for me to progress with it. The problems in my sights and sense of tempo or the lack of basic techniques.
Whenever the cello in the hard case came into my sight in my room, I felt guilty for that cello from Italy. A few days ago, I have opened the case and taken that dark orange hued cello. Bowing entire length of the bow, scaling in different tonalities and then some tunes familiar to me. One of them is the Prelude of Unaccompanied Sonata for cello by Bach. The score looks very simple. But it is a bit tough to make it sound as it should. It should sound like that played by Rostropovitch in the video clip. What a warm tone he produces with cello! This piece was told to have been composed by Bach when he had lost his first wife.
Anyway, it is very good to concentrate on something leaving the other things away from my sight. Cello sure gives me sometime to do so. Who cares if I won't make any more progress with it? So far as I could be in the world of music for myself, it is good enough for me. Maybe, hopefully, in some time, we could start the piano trio again. 


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