The climate change

This morning, the good condition on 15m has let me talk a few friends in the US again. One of them was Alan W2MV. Since he has been a harpsichord player since young days and has loved Bach or the other baroque composers, I have felt him close for the past few years.

After he told me he would have a nice Thanks Giving with the family, he went on a surprising report that he had had power line outage for a couple of weeks due to Hurricane Sandy. The fallen trees and the damaged transformers have caused it for that long time. He could get it through a generator, which intermittently gave them the power. We have ever had the outage for a couple of days here in the terrible earth quake last year, which made a big trouble to us that time. I could hardly imagine what would be like to have the outage for 14 days. even though the generator might help them a lot.

I asked him what was the cause of such big hurricane there. Wasn't the global warming related with it? He answered that it was due to addition of another storm to the hurricane as well as to the change in jet stream. Just by chance. I have not doubted his comment but was so curious to know about the cause that I googled about it. The Scientific America has the following artile regarding this issue.


There could be arguments on this weather problem. For it is a highly complex and multifactorial  system which determines the real weather. But, in addition to a report that the depth of ice in Arctic area has been lessened so much that the ice itself might disappear in a few years from now, this article seems to have made the point to me. we should seriously consider of the climate change probably due to the global warming. The countries which produce carbon dioxide and related warming gases should be responsible for this change in the climate.

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