Repeating the same thing in QSOs

Yesterday, around the sunset, I have met Don N7EF on 40m. He is a kind of DX chaser who used to ask me to go to P5 for DX pedition. Of course, it was a kidding to me. It is, however, a fact that he badly needs P5 for the last entitiy. On the other hand, he is a very nice ragchewer as well. He used to tell me to bring cello to P5 and play something for Kim Jong Wong, the Guru of the country. I answered that I would be brought to the labor camp as soon as I started playing it. Yesterday, he was pleased, as he told me, to know that I had not been sent to the camp yet.

Don told me he could not sleep long as in young days. He got up in 4 hours after falling asleep at night. Then he would go on being awake for 2 or 3 hours until he feels sleepy again and takes 2 or 3 hours sleep again. In the meantime, he often shows up on 40m in our sunset time. I told him how to fall asleep. It is the autonomic training method famous for a treatment for insomnia. Surprisingly, he answered to me he had remebered that since I taught him that 2 years ago. What a shame! I have totally forgot telling that to him before. He told me he had practised that method which worked out fine for him. I didn't dare to ask him if he had not tried that yesterday yet. Anyway, that sleep pattern is quite normal for our age. Wishing him good sweet dream, I gave him 73.

I was stunned to know that I had repeated the same thing to the other in QSOs without being conscious of it at all. Of course, aged people often do that. I could accept it without any problem. But it is a bit embarrassing that it has happened to me. I have realized that I was already in the old age. I should be careful about that. But I could not avoid it at all. I should ask friends for making such a trouble to them. Don was kind enough to emphasize that that method had been helpful to him but not that I used to tell the same thing before.

Maybe, I have done the same error in this blog. I should say the readers to forgive me in advance.


  1. Your comments in his blog have made me think about this subject! As we have discussed before
    my memory is not anywhere near what it used to be, and the addition of years seems to make it more apparent. I too have had this feeling of having said these same things either to the same person, or someone totally new, on more than one occasion. This has happened both in personal discussions and on the CW bands.

    I recall a dear friend and ex-ham I know, ask me one day many years ago, if I had noticed that his father continued to tell him the same story often,
    and it was getting boring! I told him that I recalled other older people had done this to me in my childhood, so I suspected it was a condition that came with getting older! I also told him that I had noticed this was happening with his father, but I continued to listen respectfully and commenting appropriately when needed. But I
    did not show any negative emotion, because I felt that the day would eventually come when I would do the same thing! That day arrived a long time ago, and the condition worsens as each year passes for me!

    1. Bob,

      Your comment tells how tender to the others, especially to the alderly, you have been. Yes, you are quite right. Now I feel that I have come into that generation you talked about.

      I would try not to repeat the same thing as much as possible. But, if I make that mistake despite of that effort, I should beg pardon to the other person. I was going to use a PC logging mainly due to the same reason but am almost giving it up now. Our lives are too short to be so nervous at such a thing. I would boldly make that mistake. Our lives are too short and the capacitiy of our memories are too small.

      When we recall something repeatedly, it is related with the different situation I stand in from the former. I hope the others to understand in what context I mention about the same thing. Is it too much for me to ask the other for?

      See you!