A trip to Fukushima

The day before yesterday, I headed to Fukushima to see our son there. Bringing some souvenirs like cooked rice with chesternut, I ran the highway up to north. The trees looked colorful. This ginko tree at a parking area looked like burning with golden yellow.
The other trees with reddened yellow foliages.
I met our son at the campus of a med school over there.  He has had a problem at school. We have discussed about it taking lunch at a restaurant. Though it was not resolved at once, it seemed he had known how to do with it for now.
On the way back home, just before getting on the highway, I have taken this photo of the peaceful countryside in Fukushima. Who could know from this scenary that there had been that nuclear power plant accident occurring about 80km east of this area 1.5 years ago? It has contaminated this area. Many people are still groaning being deprived of their mother home town or their works. It should not be forgotten however long it might have passed since that event.
It is the area, where I had taken the entrance exam to the same med school when graduating from a college over 40 years ago. Without any preparation for that exam for myself, it turned out not to be a success. Now our son is studying medicine there. I was full with gratitude for this to someone supreme, even though I am not a firm believer in God with personality. Remembering those things, I went back home.



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