A small spring day

It is already past the beginning of the winter according to our traditional calendar. It is so warm late in the morning today that it should be called as an Indian summer. This term could be translated to "a small spring day" in Japanese. I prefer the latter. It reminds me of a warm day when I lay on a futon, a japanese mattress, on a velanda for sunbathing in my young days. There is a sense of family union in it. On the other hand, it foresees the stormy or gloomy weather in the future. It may reflect our lives. In sometime, when the peaceful life is gone, we should do with the hard time again. The peace in warm sunray itself forecasts the disastrous future.
At present, we are blessed with the peaceful time of joy. Let's have fun and get united more with the family and the friends. It is a real blessing to us.
My friends, happy Thanks Giving to you all. 

Our small garden seen through the window of the shack.


  1. Shin San,

    Thank You for writing this Blog, as you enjoy your Indian Summer. Those occasional days with sunny warm weather during this time period truly do lift the spirit of individuals and often help make their day a truly great one. I seem to remember in my earlier years, that living in Oregon there were many gloomy days with nothing but clouds and slight rain along with cool temperatures, then when we did get a nice clear, sunny day, it was time to celebrate and enjoy the sunshine. However in my old age, I do not seem to take the time to enjoy these special days. In this area of our country, we see many of the sunny warm days throughout the winter time period.

    But I agree it should be a time to be Thankful, when so many other people are enduring their winter times in side their homes and businesses because of the Inclement Weather.

    Lolita and I wish all of your family the very best
    as we will be taking time to be thankful for the
    great time of sharing and thankfulness which we celebrate as Thanksgiving Day....

    Bob Gates

    1. Hi Bob,

      I know the northern part of the West Coast always has gloomy winter. In such winter, I guess, the sunny warm days must have been welcomed so much.

      I thought it was comparable to the days of elderly blessed with good health and no worry etc. I think we should prepare for the upcoming storms in our lives when the Indian summer is gone.

      Anyway, I wish you very pleasant holiday season there. See you on the radio soon.

      Thanks for the comment.