Myaskovsky Cello Sonata

My nightcap recently has been the cello sonata Nr2 in a minor by Myaskovsky. It was performed by Warner for cello and Nuzova for piano. I got the CD recently. You may listen to it in Warner's site here;


A long lasting theme appears in cello with piano accompanying with beautiful arpeggio. It sounds like dreaming in melancholy. Warner, one of my favorite cellist, plays it in deep emotion. I love her cello for the profound expression of emotion. When it runs high, it could not stop moving me a lot. In the mellow and soft tune, I feel it is coming into my mind directly as if it were whispering to me.

I used to ask her if I could access to her performance of Brahms cello sonata in e minor. I had ever listened it somewhere in Youtube. It was a daringly strong and appealing performance. I like it also very much. The small piece of Scryabin, transcribed by Piatigorsky, is also attractive. I don't know if she put this clip in her site after I had asked about it. But it is very good of her to add it to the collection. I hope her to record and publish it soon. It deserves recording.

Such a proficient musician as her won't show up in the mass media, at least, in japan. It is too bad. I hope she as well as Nuzova attract more audience everywhere. Her warm and deep sound of cello cakms me down when going to asleep even though late romatic pieces often wake me up. So does it for you.


  1. Hi Shin,

    Interesting that you should mention Scriabin. He has long been a favourite piano composer of mine. His early work is Chopinesque but the later etudes are revolutionary. (His few orchestral works are also entirely unique and original). As F Couperin probably elevated harpsichord music to the highest level, Scriabin could arguably have done the same for the piano.

    1. Hi John,

      You are good at various kinds of musics. I am almost ignorant of key board musics. I should learn a bit more of key board musics. This transcibed Scriabin sounds very attractive to me.

      Enjoy your vacation. Wishing you not to encounter such a snake any longer!