"Decommunication" on ham radio

Around the sunset, 40m sounded good for the east hemisphere. It could be open to Eu through the long path. I tuned on 7026KHz. Asking if the frequency was occupied, I could not hear any reply. then I started calling CQ for a couple of times.

All of sudden, a big signal told me like "Nut QSY". No identification or explanation why I should move that frequency. I asked who it was and why he required me to move. Silence. I repeated that again. Then, he answered only his call, UA0**. Yet no excuse for his requirement. Someone else told me "PS0T PS0T". I finally understood they were waiting for this station from this isolated isalnd in the Atlantic ocean around the frequency. At first, they have just watched what would go on after my calling CQ. Once they knew that I would go on calling CQ again and again, they wanted me to go away and to clear that spot for possible appearance of this pretty rare one.

I used to be a DX chaser in '80s through '90s. I knew how valuable that island was for them especially on this band. As soon as I understood the situation there, I quit that spot. That UA0 should have told me why he required me to quit. I have called CQ after asking if the frequency was busy or not. No pile ups were going on at that time. They should have courteously explained the reason.

Nowadays, most of those DX chasers could not communicate on this mode. They sound as if pushing the button of their memory keyer or PC keyboard when operating radio. The memories must be their own call and 599TU. Isn't it deterioration of ham radio? Ham radio is originally communication. It seems to have been lost for now.

Some time later, that PS0T has showed up on 7025.5KHz through the path over the south Pacific. Very weak. Recalling that PS0T used to be one of the last few I needed to complete the Top Honor Roll on 40m CW in my DX days, I have given a few calls without success. I also remembered having worked it while I needed PY0S. I haven't felt so excited to be in the pile up that I left that mess in several minutes.    


  1. Shin!
    We shouldn't forget the fact, that most of these guys doesn't speak English at all. They don't understand what you ask and can't even reply.
    2ndly they use pc for cw and pretext messages in their keyer or pc :-)
    I'm not surprised at all. Unfortunately this is what going on for a long time now and it won't change.

    Take care Imi HA7AP

    1. Imi,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I would say decommunication includes their incapability in English or in reception as well. If they require others to move from certain frequency, they should identify themselves and tell the reason why they want me to move. Without the reason why they require me to go, I don't know where I should move. Without his ID, his words could be regarded as kidding to me.

      I asked the guy who he was and why he wanted me to go with very simple expression "WHO? WHY?". But no reply. If they could not understand these simple inquiries, they are not eligible for operation on HF bands.

      The fact is not what it should be. We must tell them what should be. Admitting the fact won't improve the situation.


  2. Hi Shin!

    Too bad Cw is going this way.
    CW for these guys, just an other mode, so they can collect their new countries.
    Capability of understand English, or copy cw in their head is not important :-(
    This makes me really sad.

    I like your last sentence: The fact is not what it should be. We must tell them what should be. Admitting the fact won't improve the situation.

    Sounds reasonable, but unfortunately we are banging deaf ears.
    My experience is, no matter what one try to tell them it seems, that they just won't care. Like the ones who making QRM on guys who just try to have a nice CW conversation.
    Most of these people are aggressive, careless and ignorant.