Another crisis

The 4th reactor in Fukushima nuclear power plant lost the cooling systems, both normal and emergent, at present. The large number, over 1300, of the spent fuel in the storage pool at the reactor are still generating heat due to the radioactive decay of the nuclear subsutances by, as they reported, 0.26 deg C/hour of the cooling water temp.

I won't overemphasize the crisis. But if the fuel cooling water is lost there, there will be another big disaster. It should be impossible to access to them due to extremely high radiation. The fuel is let go on generating radiation and heat. There could be vapor explosion or hydrogen explosin occuring. There could be another big earth quake which destroy the reactor completely. The reactor building is half destroyed by the quake and the explosion of the adjacent reactors in Mar. 2011. It will result in more contamination of the environment. Much more than that due to the 3.11 accident itself.

Please be concerned and give protesting words to our government from overseas. Our government is tightly bonded with those making profits from nuclear power generation. They are hiding facts. They have already restarted a nuclear power plant in the western Japan. It is a shame that they won't listen and follow our voices.

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