We are leaving here for Seattle in a couple of hours. What meeting is waiting for us? I would enjoy every moment in the spirit that "Treasure every meeting for it will never recur".

It is a fine and fairly cool morning here. I looked around our garden. Nobody will take care of my lovely veggies. I have given them a bit of care. I am going to clean messy shack Then everything is ready.

My wife looked a bit tired from packing things into bags until late at night yesterday. But she still seems pleased to go. I should have taken a long vacation for her before. My work has prevented me from going for such a trip. Anyway, this is our real honey moon trip. It is a start of new lives for us for now.

Take care, everyone. I will be back here on Aug. 4th. See you as K7FOC or other calls from the US in the meantime.


  1. We are in San Jose under the bright sunshine and the cool breeze right now. Later this morning, we will head to LA. So far, everything is going on fine. We have hadk great meetings with old friends in Seattle and with Bob, W6CYX, and his family here. It was still a highlight for me to see old Kemp, K7UQH.

    I will write about our impression here later. We still feel that the US is wealthy and open minded but is still a little bit sick in a sense, if I could be allowed to express that way. I appreciate the hospitality and friendship from my friends everywhere.

    It seems the weather has been terrible, so muggy and hot, in Japan. This dry and crisp weather here will be missed so much.


    1. Shin and Chiaki,
      Thank you so much for your delightful visit. We had so much fun together.I feel like a new kid all over again after 1130 QSO's and many years. As you said, "treasure each visit because it might be your last".
      Thanks again for the great memories. Hoping to see some of your pictures posted.
      Bob, Mariko and Takie

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    3. Hi Bob,

      It was a wonderful time to be with you all over there. My wife and I have enjoyed staying at your home very much. Since I have visited there 3 times in the past, it was a really special and old place for me. Your garden has grown nicely with a number of rising redwood trees. Thanks again for your kindness taking us for the tour to the redwood tree park in Santa Cruz. It was another highlight for us. The lobster dish was also unforgettable!

      I have been summarizing my impression on this trip in japanese. But, in some time, I would upload some photos I took during this trip with comments here.

      Best regards to Mariko and Takie.