Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.

The tea ceremony in Japan gives us some interesting as well as meaningful proverbs. One of them, which often comes up in my mind lately, is here;

Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur.

It means the same meeting or the same event won't recur in our lives. It may mean everything is always changing so that we won't experience the same thing in our lives. It expresses a kind of philosophy that way. At my age, however, I feel this is literally what it says. That is, it could be the last chance to see each other in our lives.

Kemp, K7UQH, has given me a call early this evening. It was so early enough to remind me of the good old days in 1960s as described in this blog before. We again promised seeing each other at the hotel in Bellevue maybe on Jul 28. It is, as he told me, a 145km long drive for him to come to the hotel. I was thankful to him for his effort to see me despite of that. He told me it was a QSO since the end of April this year. He seemed not to be very active any longer. It was a real luck that we could meet today. This QSO has again reminded me of the proverb shown above.

In Seattle, Bill, W7GKF, would come to pick us up at the airport and bring us to the hotel. Alan, AC2K, Steve, W7QC and others are preparing the meeting there. There will be some 47 people attending the meeting. In San Jose, another old friend, Bob, W6CYX, told me to be our private guides there. A few friends told me to see us there as well. Steve, N6TT, is kind enough to take us around and fix a meeting with his family as well as another good friend, Jim, W6YA. I will see all of them in the spirit of this proverb. Thanks, everyone.

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