The sked of the trip to US finalized

It has been some time since I renewed this blog last time. We have been busy at work, either at home or at office, and at garden. It seems summer has finally arrived here with very sultry weather. We have planned the trip to US we go for in a couple of weeks. As you might know, it has been over two decades since I made such a trip abroad. It was a real sweating labor for me to book the transportation as well as the accommodation. I have made very trivial mistakes which cost me a few hundred bucks. In correcting it, they won't accept my credit card etc. What a mess! But it has been finally over. This is the last schedule;

Jul 27 to 29    at Bellevue Hilton Hotel

Jul 29 to 31   at Moorpark Hotel in San Jose

Jul 31 to Aug 3    at Terranea Resort near Los Angeles

We appreciate to those who care for us at each place; the NW FOC Event committee members, Bob W6CYX , Steve N6TT and others.

The schedule is too tight due to my wife's work schedule. But I would like to see and shake hands with my old friends over there.

Looking forward seeing all of you.

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