A ridiculous decision by our government

Our government has decided to restart Ohi Nuclear Power Plant as posted here before. The plant is located pretty near to Kansai area. They say it will make it less possible for us to have the power outage in this summer. They have not expected it on the rational data but emphasize the hazard of outage. They have threatened the people with the possibility of abrupt outage in case of power shortage in the summer, which is called as

 It is before they have elucidated why and how the serious accident in Fukushima has occurred and they have not given any measure to prevent another serious accident at this plant except for an addition of the pump to circulate sea water for cooling. No fortifying the break water wall nor building a quake proof control center etc. They are just being only planned. Moreover, they have not reflected how hazardous it is to have so many nuclear power plants in this small country, which is in an era of seismic activation. They have not gone through a paradigm shift necessary after the disaster in Fukushima.

If another serious accident should occur at this site, it will cause a chain reaction of accidents at 21 reactors in 5 nuclear power plants in the area. That catstrophe may paralyze the economy and the society in Kansai area. Our country won't survive through such a disaster any longer. It may contaminate the environment all over the earth as well. Be concerned about this issue and protest against this ridiculous decision by our government.

This is not a political propaganda but a most likely prospect in the future.

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