I have firmly decided not to publish performance of my cello anywhere in the internet for years. Because it would mean I have just spread gabbage noise in the internet. But a friend of mine has uploaded my performance in Youtube yesterday. I have done that at a small concert in Chiba yesterday.

Here is the gabbage noise. To correct some misunderstanding that I were a virtuoso by some friends, I would link it here. Don't listen it before you go to bed. A nightmare would come on you, I am afraid.



  1. Shin San,

    Bravo, thank you for finally sharing your musical abilities with the cello. I can see all the practice has certainly paid off. You play the cello with such passion, Just like your world class morse code (CW) fist.

    73, Steve N6TT

  2. Hi Steve,

    Don't kid me!!!

    It was after a couple of hours drive and I was worn out before getting on the stage. But it won't be an excuse. It is how I play it!!! I may go on practising with it even if I could do little withb it.

    Hah, I wish I could handle cello a bit like paddle hi.

  3. You are now famous. I have not heard that piece before. I think it was Peter Ustinov who said the cello is the instrument which sounds closest to the human voice. Bravo.

    1. John,

      Yes, that saying is right. Cello sings in the range of human voice. Most expressive and deep.

      I found how difficult it was to express own song in the inner world through this instrument. Or should I throw away cello and concentrate on paddle?