A luxurious evening

I have had a luxurious time last night. I had three of enjoyable chats with friends, either new or old, on 40m from 9 to 11 PM in our time.

The 1st one was Paul WA6IAF. He is a 60 year old retiree living near to Yosemite natil park. He used to live in the bay area until 1981 when he wanted to move to countryside away from the city area. He was spending much time in travelling for business. And he wanted to raise his two children in nature. That was why he has moved there. I was surprised to hear him introducing Steve KB7VSE, another good friend of mine, living in Oregon as his younger brother. Since I knew Steve used to work for the natl park in Yosemite before retirement, I would ask Paul if he had known Steve. Both of them have spent lives oriented to nature. It might be because of their blood. Paul was just getting up to let his dog go out. But it has passed akmost an hour when we finished the QSO.

I have had a small pile up calling me at the same time, which I scarecely experience nowadays. The loudest and most familiar call was Jim W6YA. He sounded so delighted on the key. I was mixed up for a moment when he told me he would be a father in law the day after. In a second, I realized his only daughter was getting married. Knowing Jim had been loving her so much. I fully understood how joyful he was feeling then. After telling me to see him in eye ball in LA in the beginning of August, he was rushing to Malibu where the wedding ceremony would be held this week end.

The last one was a friend in JA, Takeshi JA4IIJ. I have not seen him for several months. I knew he had been busy at his work as a professor in a faculty of chemistry even though he had been supposed to retire by this spring. He was asked to work for another year. He told me administrative work had kept him so busy that he had not been so active on radio. He has only a modest set up there. He has excused that repeatedly. But his signal was good enough for me. I told him I was touched by the Intermezzo OP118-2 of Brahms performed by Gould. I knew he had loved Gould playing Bach so much. We have promised our very 1st eyeball in Tokyo in the end of August when we bidding farewell.

What a gorgeous evening I have had. It is a pity that I am scarecely able to have such a luxurious evening these days.


  1. Hi Shin san,

    That sounds like a good evening. I had one similar two weeks ago when I chatted with yourself, JE1TRV, JO3HPM and JF1TTN. These days my operating is limited - my sister is staying with me and uses my son's bedroom. Meanwhile my son is camped out in the radio shack, sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and has a lot of studies to do, which means I can't disturb him in the evenings.
    Enjoy you QSO's and see you on air soon.
    John 9 V 1 V V

    1. Hi John,

      That's why, I know now, I haven't heard you even though you are ashore. The conditions are not very favorable at present. When you could shut yourself in your shack, give me a call. I am looking forward hearing you.