A serious error of our prime minister

Our prime minister has shaken hands with the other two opposition parties under the table. They have decided to increase the rate of the sales tax without discussing the effect on the society etc in the congress. It is clearly against their manifesto in the last election.

Although I admit such taxation is necessary for our country, it is clearly against the manifesto which the Democratic Party of Japan,party of the prime minister, has published in the last election. They have promised the opposite, that is, they would cut the budget which profits the bureaucracy and decrease the number of the congressmen. Such reformation in administration and political system were supposed to come first. They ignored that promise to the people. It ruins the system of the democracy. The democracy requires sweating procedures. Manifesto is one of those. The prime minister should have dissolve the congress and ask the people for approval for their policy in another election.

The democracy is not the best way of politics. It requires much laborious procedures in addition to the bureaucracy itself. When those procedures are omitted or ignored, the system could easily be ruined as the people lose faith in it. I am afraid the prime minister has committed a serious error. I hear the system of manifesto has started in UK. What will they do when the prime minister or the major party has done such a thing?

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