An old and familiar problem

Yesterday, when I was squatting to pull weeds in the garden, I felt the familiar and old pain on the lower back all of sudden. Yes it is intervertebral disc herniation recurring on my lumber area. I slowly moved to home and have spent the day lying on a bed. I was operating radio a little bit.

N6TT Steve's  daughter has had the same problem and had to undergo a surgery recently. I remembered of her in this pain. Of course, she might be in much worse condition. Pain is something which destroy the quality of our lives. After a night rest, I am feeling a little bit better. A kind doctor at our home on charge of me has given me a pill, a pain killer. It might be of help to me soon.

I know what has caused this. Lack of exercise. Without good exercise to strengthen the muscles on the back, the vertebrae should bear more weight. In some situation when there is more weight on the vertebrae, it won't be able to put up with it. It results in the herniation. I should start proper training on the back as well as walking.

Unfortunately, it is the day of parttime work today. I have wondered if I would ask the doctor of that clinic to take over my duty. But he might have things to do today. Some patients might miss me at work. I have encouraged myself to go to work. Yes, my trouble is not serious at all. But I hope readers to realize that some medical staff are working with their own health problems.

It is a real fun and pleasure for me to see old patients. So let's go!! 


  1. Shin I am very tall and suffered lower back problems for years ... all caused by sitting too long. Now I am back at sea I do loads of exercise just walking up and down stairs in my job. At home I walk 1-2 hours a day in the nearby park which has gentle hills. Walking is the best medicine for back problems !

    1. John,

      Yea-----h. I know that. I would do some exercise from now on. You might look so young by now! It may be too late for me but I will try to strengthen the muscles around the spine.

  2. Shin,
    I continue to have work and family obligations that prevent me from operating amateur radio and keeping in contact with my amateur friends. However, I continue to read your blog, as time permits. I have a few comments to your previous posts.

    Reference your lower back problems. I too have experienced such problems over the years. Last year, the pain became so intense that I could not do the simplest task without extreme discomfort. I am an avid golfer and feared that I might not be able to play golf again. I went to the sports medicine physician affiliated with my healthcare association and plead my case. He put me on a regimen of physical therapy centered on “core” strengthening exercises. Within a couple of weeks, the pain was virtually gone. Following that, I found that I could walk 18 holes and carry my golf bag once again. Also, my scores have improved to the point that I may consider playing competitive golf once again. (While I love amateur radio and what it has done for me over the years, if I can be on a golf course, that is where I will spend my free time!) At any rate, PLEASE DO core strengthening exercises. They should return you to your normal physical activity.

    Reference your cello piece. Wonderful. Very expressive. Did you compose it? I love the cello, but know little about it. Bach Suite Nr.1 is perhaps my favorite, but there are numerous others that are similarly stirring. Let us hear more!

    Reference cooking. This is perhaps our (XYL and I) favorite pastime. We love fresh, natural ingredients and a great wine pairing. Think California Pinot Noir. Cheaper, a bit different, but just as satisfying as Burgundy.

    I know I promised to speak more about Economics. For now, I will state that Milton Freidman was only a monetarist to the extent that he believed a central authority could facilitate currency. He was not an advocate of monetary manipulation as we see today. A topic for much more involved discussion at a future date.

    My best regards to you and your family,


    1. Taylor,

      Thanks for your comment. I will look for that exercise. But, as a doctor, I know what I should do. I have the muscles supporting vertebrae weakened without having had much exercises in the past. I need to train them from now.

      I am happy to know that you could enjoy golfing again. As living creature, we should do exercise anytime or we will lose our activity.

      That cello piece is Elegy by Faure. I am getting depressed to listen to it at present. I should practise it much more and upload the recording again in some time.

      Yes, I would hear more about the economy.

      By the way, I am reading an interesting book titled Pathologies of Power; Health, Human Rights, and New War on the Poor by Paul Farmer. It is a report by a doctor that the poor doesn't have enough medical care in Haiti, Mexico or Russia. He accuses those who could afford the best quality of medical services. In his opinion, the latter could enjoy that at the cost of the poor's suffering. Yes, he stands on the idea of the Liberation Theology in Mid South America. It is inspiring to me a lot. Though his thoughts seem to be too radical in a sense, I could understand what has been going on those areas in the world. I did not know that until I read it.

      So take care. See you on the radio and discuss about those things then.